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Since 1920


Our restaurant 500 is located in Prague 6, Hradcany. We have been serving our amazing food as Restaurant 500 since 2011, where we took over a business which used be well known as typical Czech pub –U Pisecke Brany established in 1920`s. To be able to deliver our amazing meals with a suitable environment we had to refurbished our business into modern industrial look and with an option of outside seating. At the first sight you can see our yellow car above the bar, which is Fiat 500, you can guess that this feature dictated our name of the Retaurant 500. We are very proud of our accomplishment.

The feature of our restaurant 500 is the simplicity of ordering your desired meal, we focus on selecting healthy and seasonal ingrediancies to sutisfy your taste buts. To even make it easier to order your gourmat meal, there is a simple blackboard where you can select your order, which coveres anything from gourman steak, fresh fish, burgers and pasta which is freshly made on our premises. As a speciality of our restaurant is our marherita pizza served with fresh burrata . . During the week, especailly on wednesdays you can experience the tradional czech cuisine „Echt“, serving traditinal czech cuisine.

Our chef


The head chef Robert Nerad is the engine of our 500.

Robert is one the the most dedicated chefs in the industry, who obtained an enormous knowledge over numerous of years working in the hotel U Kone-Klokocna, where he was lead and trained by a strong manager mister Sapik, who guided him to keep calm and collective and to ensure that he empower his team and his cooks to deliver the same exceptional service.

Robert’s gained more experience in the restaurant Flambe, where he served modern meals on daily basis, which well resonated with our Restaurants PEtistovka, where Robert continues to deliver his extraordenary cuisine since 2013.

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